Atlanta Chiropractic Care Benefits: Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Atlanta chiropractic care involves more than just the treatment. It also involves a number of chiropractic care benefits, particularly if you are using the skills of upper cervical chiropractic. In fact, upper cervical chiropractic could be technically included in one of the benefits offered by a chiropractor. If you are unsure what this form of chiropractic is, then check out the Contact Page provided at the end of this post.
As a highly focused Atlanta upper cervical chiropractic clinic, we tend to regard this type of treatment as a specialist form of chiropractic.  It is a form of treatment that is best suited to conditions caused by a misalignment of the top two vertebrae of your spine. The upper cervical region comprises the two vertebrae that protect the spinal cord as it leaves the brain stem and enters your neck.

Upper Cervical Misalignment Issues

Any alignment issues with these two vertebrae and you can have significant nerve-related health problems such as widespread pain (migraines, sciatica, and tunnel carpal pain) and dysfunction of many of your body’s functions such as digestive issues, high blood pressure and it can even lead to loss of energy and depression.
So what are the Atlanta chiropractic care benefits that you can look for when you visit us at Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Georgia? We could go on at length about the medical benefits and how many people we have successfully treated for their conditions. Had we not had the success we have had, then we would no longer be in business! That’s a fact and you know it – or you would not be reading this.

Atlanta Chiropractic Care Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from our Atlanta chiropractic care service.
Chiropractic Care Saves Cash: 
Chiropractic care can save you money in medical costs.  Drugs and surgery can be very expensive in the USA. The cost savings have been recognized as far back as 1993, when a government report, the Manga Report, recommended chiropractic care over medical care for the treatment of certain conditions, particularly of the lower back.  You can read the Findings of the Manga Report here.
Other Chiropractic Care Benefits – More Energy:
One of the chiropractic care benefits of which many are unaware (unless they have the treatment) is finding that you have more energy after the treatment.  Patients under upper cervical chiropractic care for some time tend to notice lack of fatigue and more energy.  Google has published many testimonials to this effect that can find on the Google Search Engine here.
Avoiding Hospitals and Drugs:
Upper cervical chiropractic care does not use drugs. No drugs at all! Not only do you get an average 51.8% reduction in pharmaceutical costs, but you also avoid the side effects that drugs can cause.  We are not going to go into all of these side effects, but these chiropractic care benefits  been reported on Fox News to be the case.
Reduces Pain:
Our Atlanta chiropractic care reduces the pain associated with many of the conditions ascribed to a misalignment of the upper cervical region. This is known as upper cervical subluxation. It is also the cause of many problems that can be traced back to a malfunction of the spinal cord of nerves due to it being compressed by a misalignment of the upper spine.

Try Upper Cervical Chiropractic – Why Not?

These upper cervical chiropractic care benefits have been the subject of many reports and testimonials. If you have pain or other medical issues from migraines and headaches to lower bowel problems that have not been cured, then give it a try. If you have never tried an upper cervical chiropractor before – then why not?  Why not try us now – you may be surprised.  We are confident of it!
We can offer you all the Atlanta chiropractic care benefits that upper cervical chiropractic can offer you.  Our patients often find benefits other than those associated with their immediate condition.  We have clinics at Dacula and Sandy Springs, so click on our Atlanta Chiropractic Contact Page and we will take it from there to help you.
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