How Bad Posture Leads to Poor Health

Posture is a fact of life, and one that affects us all because, quite simply, we all have a spine, tendons, and muscles. Bad posture can result from a wide range of contributing factors, however, the good news is, nearly every case of poor posture can be helped by correcting any muscle tension throughout the body.
If you have improper dynamic posture and imbalanced length-tension relationships during movement, this constant tug-of-war between your muscles could prematurely age your joints and possibly lead to joint, tendon, ligament, and muscle injuries. These types of muscle imbalances, in particular are what is called postural distortion patterns.
In this case, your muscles have become imbalanced to the point where you will experience muscle fatigue, poor posture, atrophy, pain, and a wide range of other health problems.

What Causes Bad Posture?

Poor posture is usually a result of muscle tension, which is commonly called body imbalance. When you experience any kind of trauma to your body, the muscles on one side then become imbalanced with the muscles located on the opposite side of your body.
Patients typically think of trauma as a sports injury or car accident, but in reality, there are minuscule traumas that happen to you daily, which build upon one another over time, resulting in poor posture.

Small Traumas Play a Part in Body Imbalance

Just some of the small traumas or factors which contribute to body imbalance include:

  • An improper positioning while in utero
  • A birth that involves any twisting or pulling of the infant’s head (including a c-section)
  • An improper sleeping position  (especially sleeping on your stomach)
  • Sitting with your legs crossed
  • Craning of the neck in order to look at a smart phone or book (also called tech neck)
  • Gymnastics, jumping on trampolines, running or any activity that will place force on the vertebrae
  • Not stretching regularly or lack of movement
  • Chemical trauma from medications, processed foods, and drugs
  • Environmental trauma such as pollution or toxins
  • Behavioral trauma including depression and stress
Bad Posture Leads to Bad Health

Your muscles will continue to shorten or lengthen until you strengthen or stretch appropriately. Keep in mind, overtime inactive muscles will atrophy, which means they will literally waste away.
It’s imperative for long term health and short term pain management that you don’t allow muscular imbalance to persist as the effects can be extremely detrimental. If strengthening and stretching does not correct your imbalance this means you might have been suffering from body imbalance for more than you were even aware.
In this case, making an appointment with an upper cervical chiropractor to have your structure evaluated is important when it comes to becoming pain free and headed toward better health all around.
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