Chiropractic Pinched Nerves Treatment

Posted in Neck Disorders on Mar 25, 2021

Hi, Dr. Tedder here with upper cervical chiropractic of Georgia if you’re watching this video you clicked on it because it says pinched nerves. So you possibly you or somebody you know is suffering some sort of pain or discomfort from pinched nerved or whether it’s in your neck in your back or your lower back and I want to talk to you about how cervical care can help that because I’m sure if you’re like all the other patients that come in my practice you’ve tried everything you’ve massage it you put atamans on it you’ve taken pills you’ve had a chiropractor you’ve had a physical therapist you’ve done everything and you really can’t figure out what the heck is going on

Well, I got to tell you right now most people with pinched nerves even if it happened yesterday and never had a problem before where you’ve been suffering for years or months at a time it’s usually an underlying effect on the inside that then something triggers on the outside.So what I mean by that I would say nine out of 10 people that we look at and analyze that they’ve had a bone at the top part of the neck out of alignment. We call that a subluxation.

How that creates a pinched nerve

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Your head literally sits on top of the bone. So if I was to use a model right here this is the back of your neck right here. Here’s your head your head sits on top of this bone right here and it cradles it. So wherever this bone goes it takes the head with it. So let’s say you had a fall so you had a car wreck let’s say you slept funny let’s say you got in a fight let’s say there’s a chemical trauma or a severe emotional trauma and it causes the bone to shift at a place just like that.

When that balance shifts out of place it gets stuck. Ninety-eight percent of the time you fix yourself, your body will fix it. However, in some cases, 2, 3, or 4 percent of people in the population, this bone gets so stuck that it can’t unstick itself. And two things occur. The first thing it does is takes your head off-center. It basically going to take the head off center where your brain cannot work that way and so it is going to do is going to tell your body below to twist turn and rotate whatever it has to do to get your head level again.

When it does that it’s going to cause a crooked back. Well, the problem with that is that the back is crooked instead of straight. That little nerves that come out of your back get the pinched nerve. You don’t feel it right away and so then you go have a good night’s sleep you turn your head the muscles seize up on it and it makes that nerve inflamed and now you’ve got a pinched nerve.

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All to the fact that the bone is out of alignment here so if you go and get a physical therapy rehab if you go massage that if you put an ointment on it it’s not going to fix this. What has to happen is you have to have a very specific set of actuaries John and measure to be exact agree that the bonds are misaligned there are 274 ways that bone misaligned. So you’ve got to have a very analytical approach to that. You also have to have a corrective process to get that bone back into its known position and restructure so it begins to hold and heal. Thirdly you have to have a thermal scan or some sort of neurological graft system to measure if the nervous system or the pinched nerve was actually healing.

In our office and upper cervical chiropractic and Georgia, we do that and so if you’re suffering from a pinched nerve I don’t care where it is in her back even if it’s not in your neck it could be the twisting of the back it could be the shifting and if you’re looking to figure out the cause give us a call at 770 614 9444 and we’ll figure out.

We’ll have you sit with a doctor. We’ll sit down and chat with you and figure out first if this is the right place for you. If it is then we might recommend certain exams to then prove that you had a situation if you qualify we will get you corrected if you don’t we’ll find another specialist other than us to take care of the problem for you. Thank you very much. Have a phenomenal day.

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