Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy

Posted in Health Disorders on Jul 9, 2021

Hi, my name is Dr. Nicholas Tedder. I am the head doctor at Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Georgia and this video is pertaining to chiropractic in pregnancy. The main question we get in our office is … should you go to a chiropractor when you’re pregnant? Even furthermore, once you deliver the baby, should the baby get checked under chiropractic care? All of this is absolutely true. 

As an upper cervical chiropractors, we deal with the brain stem. It’s the area right at the top part of your neck. It’s basically the “Houston” control of the entire body. It controls how the body works. It controls how the body functions. It controls how the body heals. It controls adaptation, and so this is our main source of life in the body.So during pregnancy, what do we want? We want our bodies to be produced at high levels. We want our hormones to be produced at high levels. We want babies to grow at high levels of performance. So to do that, we’ve gotta make sure that the computer system of the body is firing on all cylinders.

So if you’ve never had an upper cervical evaluation at the brain stem, here’s the deal. Get it checked because you want the best pregnancy you can have. We want equal hormones. We want good body performance. We want good energy. We want good immune systems. We want a good connection between mommy and baby.

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Here’s the other component. When the body goes out of alignment at the head-neck area, the body’s gonna go crooked. It’s gonna shift and then you add a newborn inside of you, a baby that’s growing inside of you and you get that pressure inside your spine, what it does a lot of times is it creates ligament laxity. It creates an abnormal position of bones or pinched nerves. It can also create abnormal stress and strain to muscles due to our body being shifted, and that’s all gonna create a very tough pregnancy, very lower back pain pregnancy. It’s gonna have a lot of pressure in the tummy.

It can create headaches. It can create general fatigue, and so if you’re a mom that’s expecting and you’re looking to perform better and also maybe eliminate some aches and pains from the pregnancy, chiropractic, especially upper cervical chiropractic is 100 percent safe for that.

We see a lot of pregnant ladies in our practice and they do phenomenal, not only through the pregnancy but also through delivery. Once the baby’s born, science tells us that 82 percent of newborns get a misalignment at the top part of the neck in a very healthy birth process. Why? Because we’re pushing and pulling and yanking through the process and we’re pulling that head pretty good amount of, there’s a good amount of pressure coming off of that head when you’re pulling it.

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So when, after you deliver a baby, it’s also very, very wise to have the baby have a checkup and when you have a checkup for an upper cervical doctor, they’re gonna be able to measure whether there’s misalignment here, many times even without an x-ray. And so we could have very specialized technology that you could use to come into our office and we can check if the baby’s out of alignment. If they’re out of alignment, we adjust it very, very, very, very gently. Matter of fact, they can’t even hardly feel it. Secondly, if they’re not out of alignment, we don’t adjust. We leave the baby alone to thrive the way God designed them to be.

I’d encourage you if you’re watching this video, you’re pregnant, or know somebody that’s pregnant, to get them into an upper cervical practice. If you’re here in Georgia, call our office. 770-614-9444. You can also go to our website at

I look forward to meeting you. I look forward to supporting you through your pregnancy, and more importantly, I look forward to meeting that beautiful baby that’ll be born. Talk to you soon.

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