What is that pain between my shoulder blades?

Posted in Upper Extremities on Aug 21, 2021

Hi. My name is Dr. Tedder from Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Georgia, and I gotta tell you, one of the newest problems people are coming into me for is, what is that pain between my shoulder blades, and why won’t it ever go away? And I’ll tell you. One of the biggest things I see in my practice that causes mid-back pain or that mid-shoulder, upper … between the shoulder blade kind of pain that won’t go away, that’s nagging no matter how many chiropractic adjustments you’ve had or how many messages you had or how much oil you put on your whatever. It’s all due to your head and the top part of your neck.

 What do I mean by that? Well, we live in a world right now where 90% of our postures are like this on a phone, on a video game, on a tablet, or on a computer. We’re literally living 90% of our life in a forward head position. Matter of fact, the medical community calls that anterior head carriage. Well, what does that do? For a mid-back issue, if you can imagine this, our bodies are designed that way so our ears are on the front part of our shoulders. Our design is to carry the head weight, the weight of your head, on the back of your neck. That’s the way God designed us.

So what ends up happening is this: Our head weighs about 10 to 12 pounds. What research shows us is for every inch that you go forward, you’re putting about 30 to 70 pounds of forced download into the spine. So if this is zero, 10 or 12 pounds. 5 degrees incline is about 50 pounds. A 10-degree incline of about 70 pounds. And what’s happening over time is that the muscles of our back are doing their job trying to pull our head back. They’re constantly trying to keep that heavy bowling ball over, and it starts to just wear itself out and ends up … what’s happening is we’re- we’re getting disc issues. We’re getting arthritis in our back. We’re getting strained muscles. We’re getting spinal decay. We’re getting scoliosis. We’re getting humpbacks. Ladies are humpbacks. And all of that is due to our head being out of alignment here.

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 So if you’re suffering from a mid-back issue or between the shoulder blade kind of pain, check out an upper cervical doctor. If you’re in our area in Georgia, give us a call. 770-614-9444. Or visit us on the web at getwellga.com, we’ll get you in and we’ll talk to you. We’ll do a scan. We’ll take a picture. We’ll see what’s going on there. Let’s see if you’ve got this head correct … malposition problem, and let’s see how much of that we can correct and take all pressure off that back and get you feeling better.

 I look forward to meeting you. Dr. Tedder, Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Georgia.

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