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Upper cervical care can reduce blood pressure in patients with hypertension.  Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is not uncommon and it can lead to strokes and cardiac failure. Normal treatment for this is blood pressure medication.
Various medications work in different ways, a common one being to increase the elasticity of the blood vessel and so enable it to better tolerate a higher than normal pressure. This doesn’t cure the hypertension, just moderates its effects.
The brain and the brain stem play an important role in regulating your blood pressure. A gentle upper cervical correction can make a big difference to your blood pressure. In fact, it can have the same effect of not just the one, but two hypertension medicaments provided for the condition.
Atlas Vertebra and Chiropractic Treatment
Upper cervical chiropractic focuses on the top two vertebrae in the neck. These are the vertebrae closest to the brain stem. Any misalignment of these two vertebrae can cause a number of diverse medical conditions. One of these is high blood pressure. The top vertebra is known as the C1 or Atlas vertebrae. The term ’Atlas’ comes from Greek mythology, where Atlas held the world on his shoulders. The Atlas vertebra holds up the head!
The base of the brain holds two centers that control every muscle in the body. The top C1 or Atlas vertebra just has to move one half millimeter out of line to upset these centers.  It doesn’t cause pain, but it does have an effect. Just that tiny half millimeter out of line can lead to a twisted spine, different leg lengths – and hypertension or high blood pressure.
Why the Atlas C1 Vertebra Can Become Misaligned
There are a few reasons why the top vertebra can become misaligned. A common cause is childbirth, when a newborn’s head and neck can be under great stress. A sporting injury and car accident are also common causes, and boxing or a personal attack can also lead to an Atlas misalignment.
Whatever the reason, if this is the cause of your hypertension then a chiropractic adjustment is the best treatment. Realignment of the vertebrae may solve the high blood pressure problem and any other symptom arising as a result of the injury.
If you have high blood pressure then get checked up by an upper cervical chiropractor.  These chiropractors specialize in the top two vertebrae (C1 and C2) in the spine. The treatment is gentle and does reduce high blood pressure in very controlled manner. It is stress free and patients report a great deal of success. Leave it be then you risk a heart attack or stroke.

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