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How Cervical Curve Loss Could be The Cause of Your Neck Pain

It is a remarkable revelation, but the cervical curve has been a point of contention with the belief that a loss of cervical curve (known as hypolordosis) to a reversed cervical curve (known as kyphosis) is just a common and normal variant and nothing more.  
With that being said, it would seem like common sense that any loss of the natural curves of the spine would be deemed a bad thing. Would it be any surprise that health problems such as spinal degeneration and pain would develop as a result of a loss of natural spinal curvatures?  
Unfortunately, this is not the case, as common sense is not common.  The reality is that a loss of cervical curve or even a reversed kyphotic cervical curve is anything but normal. Meaning a treatment program aimed at the restoration of the cervical curve along with the natural curvatures of the spine is a significantly valid objective and outcome.  

The Impact of Cervical Curve in Patients

A famed psychological scientist named Harrison et. al. designed a study that placed patients into 3 separate groups in order to assess cervical curve in patients that were:

  1. Neck pain free (or asymptomatic)
  1. Experiencing acute neck pain symptoms (acute means a recent occurrence)   
  1. Patients experiencing chronic neck pain symptoms (chronic means long-term)

In each of these three groups it was determined that the patients who were neck pain free displayed cervical curves that appeared to be within the normal range — which is known to be 31-40⁰.
The acute neck pain group, on the other hand, displayed a loss of cervical curve and had fallen outside of what is considered the normal range, while the chronic neck pain group was noted as having even more of a loss of cervical curve.  With these results, there is an obvious trend that is revealed that shows: the more cervical curve lost the more symptoms the patient will experience.  
​It is important to keep in mind, other studies on the subject have found a similar trend, a significant statistical movement that displayed an increase in neck pain for patients that had a significant loss in cervical curve.

What To Do If You Suffer With Chronic Recurrent Neck Pain?

​If you’re experiencing recurrent neck pain, it is highly recommended that you visit an Upper Cervical Chiropractor for a spinal evaluation, as these doctors specialize in the neck. The leading cause of chronic recurrent neck pain is a condition called Atlas Subluxation Complex (or ASC).  
The noninvasive and natural treatment of choice for chronic recurrent neck pain is Upper Cervical Chiropractic care for the correction of Atlas Subluxation Complex.  

Correction of Atlas Subluxation Complex In Dacula, Georgia

At Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Georgia, we specialize in the detection and correction of Atlas Subluxation Complex for patients at our Dacula, Georgia office.
If you suspect you have a neck problem and would like to have the issue thoroughly evaluated please contact us in order to schedule a consultation to determine if you are a candidate for Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care.  
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