Chiropractic Care and Diet – Eat Well to Look After Your Health

Chiropractic care and diet can together do a great deal to keep you fit and well. Upper cervical chiropractic care can be used to treat many different conditions that can seriously affect your overall health. Sciatica, for example, not only gives you pain but it can affect your posture, the way you walk and, it has a psychological effect on you. Any severe pain can affect you, no matter what its cause.
Pain, depression, illness and infection can significantly affect your quality of life.  Quite often, one of these can lead to another. Just as upper cervical chiropractic can help alleviate your overall condition, so too can diet. The foods you eat have a lot to do with your fitness and health – both physically and mentally. Chiropractic care and diet go hand in hand to help you stay fit and healthy.

Chiropractic and Spinal Misalignment

Chiropractic can turn your body back its normal alignment. It can remove misalignments of your spine, particularly the upper cervical area of your spine where the spinal cord leaves the brain stem to pass down the spine. Any misalignment there can have a significant effect on any past of your body.
Take your home electricity supply. If you have a problem with a wall socket or switch, that problem will affect the downstream electrical components fed from that switch. Your lights perhaps, or your cooker, but not your entire home. If you have a problem at the junction box, where your main electrical power enters your home, then the whole property is affected.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Same with your spinal cord. This is the main bundle of nerves that leaves your brain and powers all the mechanical and chemical operations in your entire body. The ‘junction box’ in your body is the connection from the brain stem to the spinal cord, including the upper region of the spine itself. This is the upper cervical region of your spine.  This comprises the top two vertebrae in your neck.  That is what upper cervical chiropractic deals with.
Any irregularity in the alignment of these two vertebrae can cause severe problems downstream of them, just as any issue with your fuse box or junction box can cause severe problems with your electrical supply throughout your home. An upper cervical chiropractor is a specialist in the alignment of this top part of your spine. So where does diet come in?

Nutrition and Your Health

Nutrition is very important to your health. Your body requires vitamins and minerals to function properly.  It also needs proteins to build muscle, and fats as a longer-term energy storage system. However, take too much fat, sugar or any other carbohydrate, however, and your body will store it in the fat cells in your body. Everybody is born with a certain number of fat cells. These originally designed to store fat as source of carbohydrates and energy when food is scarce.
Due to stores and supermarkets that import foods from all round the world, winter is no longer a period of low food supply.  Our fat stores are not used up. We get fat and place too much strain on our heart. Along with more exercise, diet is a very important factor in preventing this.
There are some specific aspects of your diet which are of particular importance. The first is fat and carbohydrates. It’s a simple equation: use up more calories each day than you eat and you will lose weight. Eat more calories than you use up, and you get fatter. If you are overweight, you will tend to suffer more illnesses than one who is not overweight.

Importance of Protein to Your health

Protein is an important aspect of your diet. Muscle tissue is made from protein. Eating protein, such as white chicken meat, helps build up muscle and heal muscle injuries. If you have insufficient protein in your diet, then you lack the raw materials to create muscle. You cannot build a wall with too few bricks or not enough mortar to keep the wall strong.
You have many protein sources to choose from.  Chicken, fish and beef are good. Vegetarians can use soy beans, tofu, eggs and nuts as a source of protein. Vegans can hold the eggs. Upper cervical chiropractic can help relieve pressure on the upper region of your spinal cord, but may not be able to do a great deal if your diet is bad and your protein intake is lower than it should be.

Calcium and Chiropractic Care

Calcium is another important dietary component. Calcium builds strong bones and milk, yogurt, dark greens such as spinach and cheese (low-fat please) all provide you with calcium. Calcium supplements may help to an extent, but natural calcium is more easily absorbed.
An upper cervical chiropractic may recommend that you eat those foods and improve your diet in general. Healing occurs only after the cause of the condition has been fixed.  A chiropractor removes the cause by adjusting the alignment of your spine, particularly the upper cervical area.

Importance of Hydration in Your Diet

It is then up to you to enable healing to continue by eating a good diet, and providing your body with the nutrition it needs for genuine healing.  Water is also important.  Hydration can be critical to the success of your chiropractic treatment. If you drink 8 pints of water each day, you will help wash away toxins in your body and help your body chemistry to promote healing by carrying the beneficial components of your diet around your body.
Upper cervical chiropractic can help cure a lot of health concerns, but you must help yourself by maintaining a healthy diet and remaining hydrated. Chiropractic care and diet go hand in hand. Contact a Georgia upper cervical chiropractor today.
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