Comparing Regular Chiropractic Care To Upper Cervical Treatments

While there are indeed many differences when it comes to regular chiropractic care and upper cervical treatments, here are a few key differences that patients may wish to consider. For example, one key difference in upper cervical adjustments is that an adjustment may not be made each and every time when visiting the chiropractor. Upper cervical doctors view the purpose of adjustments differently than general chiropractors. In regular chiropractic care, many adjustments are made over multiple visits. In various cases this is necessary and very helpful.

Upper Cervical Doctors

However, upper cervical doctors maintain the belief that refraining from adjustments when required is more beneficial than just applying an adjustment every time simply because the patient is present. In fact, the concept is simple in that effective healing can actually be derived from holding back from making an adjustment. This is simply because maintaining a patient’s new alignment and allowing time for healing can further the advantages when it comes to improving health and well-being.

An Adjustment Will Indeed Be Beneficial

That said upper cervical chiropractic doctors only make an adjustment to the upper cervical spine when measurements indicate that an adjustment is necessary and warranted. In other words the chiropractic treatment of the upper cervical area is only applied when the body shows indications that an adjustment will indeed be beneficial. It should also be noted that if multiple adjustments are required this could be a sign that the process is not going as well as intended. Consult with your upper cervical care provider to know for sure with regard to your own unique and individual condition.

Multiple Thermographic Scans

Equally important to know is that an upper cervical doctor will in many cases conduct a number of post adjustment type checks. In fact, these checks will be conducted each time the patient receives an upper cervical adjustment based upon the patient’s individual adjustment formula. Some situations include the application of even post adjustment type x-rays. This all goes back to the idea that upper cervical care requires incredible accuracy and multiple measurements that are conducted at different stages of treatment. Multiple thermographic scans that measure posture as well as other functionality tests may also be required. It should also be noted that the traditional popping, twisting and snapping when joints are moved during regular chiropractic treatment are typically not experienced.

Upper Cervical Procedures

The main goal and objective of upper cervical corrections is to return balance and wellness to a very specific and delicate region of the body. This delicate part of the body is the area where the spine joins with the base of the brain. Perhaps most notable of all when it comes to upper cervical procedures is that in many cases there are immediate changes in terms of improved function throughout the body. Upper cervical care offers relief for many types of injuries and medical conditions. Contact Upper Cervical Chiropractic today for upper cervical procedures.
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