Cure Chronic Pain Using Upper Cervical Chiropractic

You can cure chronic pain by visiting an upper cervical chiropractor. Chronic pain can be very debilitating and even make people feel suicidal. One such pain is Trigeminal Neuralgia, referred to many as ‘the suicide disease.’ This is such a painful condition that doctors describe it as the most painful condition you can have. It is not constant, but it can flare up from almost nothing. Even the wind blowing on your face can cause severe pain. A feather on your face, or even lying with your face on a soft pillow, can cause unbearable pain.
If you have never experienced this condition, then it almost impossible to consider envisage. There are many conditions such as this that conventional painkillers cannot help. Surgery is sometimes used, but once the nerve has been cut, the face can go numb for awhile. Not only that, but the nerve will reroute itself and you are back where you started.

Upper Cervical Subluxation

What Trigeminal Neuralgia and many other painful conditions needs it be treated at the source. There is a condition known as upper cervical subluxation. This is a slight displacement of the top two vertebrae, or bony structures, at the top of your spine, just where it enters the skull. Even a very slight displacement of the vertebrae in this region can cause extremely severe pain anywhere else in your body.
The displacement can pinch or put pressure on some of the nerves in your spinal column. This can cause pain – not necessarily at the site in your spine, but in the areas of your body served by the nerves concerned. The pain can incapacitate you and affect movement.
Many people live with chronic pain today, much of it connected with cervical subluxation. Although there may be various forms of it, it is possible to cure chronic pain by using the skills of a chiropractor. It takes experience, but much of the chronic pain that many people have to suffer can be relieved using upper cervical chiropractic.
In fact, it is not only the pain that can be remedied, but also the numbness and constant tingling that many people experience. Upper cervical subluxation treatment can be used on people of all ages, including the elderly who tend to suffer it more.

How to Cure Chronic Pain

A subluxation is no more than a misalignment. A chiropractor can correct this misalignment by means of a course of treatment involving manipulation to reset the bones of the upper spine to their correct position. The entire functioning of your body originates in the brain stem. Any undue pressure on the spinal cord at the top of your spine can affect anywhere in your body.
Upper cervical chiropractic care is a specialist area of chiropractic treatment. There are only a few chiropractic doctors around the world with the training and expertise to use it. Many diseases, illnesses and nerve pain can be treated and cured using upper cervical chiropractic. That includes chronic pain treatment.

Cure Chronic Pain with Upper Cervical Chiropractic

The spinal cord is very important part of your anatomy.  Its function is to connect your brain to your entire body through a series of nerves. The nerves can be described as your body’s electric cables, with the spinal cord as the main bundle leaving the distribution box.
As we explained earlier, if you damage or apply excess pressure to even a small part of that bundle of ‘wires’ they may not work as they should. Any of the thousands of working parts of your body can be affected – interrupted or stopped altogether! Remove that pressure and the condition is cured!
Repositioning of the top two components of your vertebral column (spine) can reduce the pressure that is the cause of your problem.  Upper cervical chiropractic involves adjusting these vertebrae to where they should be. It might take several treatments before the adjustments are effective – it is not like replacing a dislocation.  An upper vertebral subluxation is treated a little at a time so that the movement of the spine is controlled slowly and does not make the situation worse. However, it works. That is why upper cervical chiropractic is recognized as a means of treatment by most of the world’s medical authorities – including USA and UK.  It can cure chronic pain.
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