Dacula Chiropractor: Chronic Disease Linked To Babies Born Through C-Section

Upper Cervical spinal health plays a significant role in overall human health. Most healthcare professionals misunderstand how the structure, function, and overall health of the upper cervical spine directly relates to all aspects of human health.
Healthcare systems and strategies intend to improve the quality and longevity of life. Unfortunately, some interventions, like cesarean sections, have proven to be harmful for both short and long-term health outcomes.
A large study tracking C-section birth results for more than three decades revealed significant findings. Infants born via C-section experienced remarkably higher rates of chronic immune system-related diseases.
Two million term children born by cesarean delivery were analyzed for risk of chronic immune diseases recorded over a 35- year period.
The study concluded that children delivered via C-section delivery endured significantly increased risk of asthma, systemic connective tissue disorders, juvenile arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, immune deficiencies, and leukemia.
Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy
A few primary mechanisms help explain why chronic disease and C-section birth have a direct relationship. The mechanical stress placed on the upper cervical spine of the baby during the birth has been proven to interfere with central nervous system function through vertebral subluxation in the upper neck. A disruption of digestive system health also occurs when the immune system misses out on the balance of bacteria and living organisms in the lining of the gut.
A vaginally born baby ingests an all-important bolus of bacteria in order to begin life outside of the womb. The bacterium creates a specific layer of digestive chemicals and enzymes critical to brain and immune health. Both of these cesarean based issues can and must be assessed and addressed to minimize or avoid preventable illness in newborns and small children.
Chiropractors specialize in improving the function of the nervous system by detecting and correctingDacula, Ga Chiropractor - An Eight Year Old Explains The Importance of Proper Spinal Hygiene

vertebral subluxation in adults, children, and infants. The three-decade study linking chronic disease and C-sections provides additional proof that all newborns need to have a proper Chiropractic spinal
evaluation after birth.
Both vaginal and C-section births create stress in the upper cervical spine. That stress nearly always links to health challenges for that child. Scientifically specific chiropractic spinal adjustive care reduces stress on the spine, unlocking an avenue for optimal health and function.
Most Chiropractors specialize in finding and correcting vertebral subluxations in newborns and infants. Very few things are more important than ensuring the health of the next generation.
Chiropractic care plays a significant role in reversing the effects of stress on the spine for both kids and adults of all ages. Better immune and digestive system health originate with better spinal health.
Chiropractic helps unlock the health and potential of today and tomorrow.
Yours in health,
Dr. Nick Tedder

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Source: Pediatrics Journal 2015 Jan; 135(1): 92-8. Cesarean section and chronic immune disorders Sevelsted A, Stokholm J, Bønnelykke K, Bisgaard H.