Dealing With Depression With Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care1

Dealing With Depression With Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Depression is a serious topic in today’s modern world. In fact, more people than ever before are experiencing a wide array of depression related conditions. All too often doctors prescribe pharmaceutical medications and in some rare instances even invasive treatment as a way to deal with depression. The good news is that there are many other more natural, less invasive and chemical free ways of dealing with this troubling condition. For example, upper cervical care has proven successful in many cases when dealing with this often-debilitating disease.

Upper Cervical Treatment

Anti-depression type pharmaceuticals are responsible for billions of dollars in corporate revenue and profits on an annual basis. Fortunately, alternative treatment that is highly specialized and that is known as upper cervical adjustments can produce impressive results for patients of all ages. Most importantly, upper cervical treatment does not come with chemical imbalances or the side effects so often associated with pharmaceutical drugs. Depression can have many manifestations in both the physical and the mental. That is why it is so important to find effective and more natural type treatment.

Upper Cervical Spine

While stress and life events can certainly contribute to triggering depression there are many other possible causes of this debilitating condition that must be considered. For example, many studies have indicated that there is a correlation between the condition of the brainstem as well as the upper cervical spine and modern mood disorders. It should be noted that the brainstem and the upper section of the spine are intermingled and do indeed regulate normal brain chemistry. As such, injuries to this region of the body can cause long-term and lasting effects.

Accidents That Cause Whiplash

Upper cervical adjustments may in many instances provide considerable relief with regard to the symptoms associated with mood disorders. This is especially true when it comes to patients who have experienced a mild concussion or injuries to the upper back or neck. Other research has clearly indicated that people who have experienced accidents that cause whiplash have a higher incidence of depression. Whiplash is a particularly troublesome injury because it affects both the lower brainstem and the upper neck. It is important to note that whiplash can sometimes take years to manifest in the form of noticeable injury or depression.

Unique Type Of Chiropractic Care

Upper cervical corrections or adjustments have routinely resulted in significant improvements in depression among people in various age groups. The procedures are noninvasive, do not involve pharmaceutical drugs and offer relief for those who regularly suffer from mood disorders. Along with addressing depression, upper cervical corrections have proven successful in dealing with everything from multiple sclerosis to migraine headaches and lower back pain as well as inner ear disorders. In addition, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome along with diabetes and digestive disorders all have successfully been treated through the use of this innovative and unique types of chiropractic care. Contact Upper Cervical Chiropractic today for upper cervical corrections.
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