Does Upper Cervical Care Help With Migraine Headaches

Does Upper Cervical Care Help With Migraine Headaches?

In truth, upper cervical care helps with many different types of ailments, conditions, injuries and even diseases. That said upper cervical chiropractic care does indeed help with a wide range of headaches including specifically migraine. Enjoying a better quality of life that includes pain-free living and high levels of productivity is best achieved through managing and eliminating migraine headaches in patients. From vomiting and nausea and sensitivity to sound and light to intense pain, migraines can greatly affect the life of an individual in a most profound way.

Side Effects

Severe migraines may even be so debilitating that they can cause numbness, tingling, clumsiness, and may even cause visual cues to be disrupted. Some with chronic migraines have difficulty communicating and functioning on a normal level from day-to-day. While the first reaction in today’s world is to prescribe medications, pharmaceutical drugs and other over-the-counter remedies, the side effects associated with drugs can sometimes be overwhelming for people. Even more alarming is the fact that some pharmaceutical drugs can actually be dangerous and produce serious or life-threatening side effects.

Head Trauma

The causes of migraines can be attributed to many things. From exposure to excessive sound or light and general stress to poor diet and fatigue, this type of headache can originate from many sources. Other common causes of migraines include everything from changes in the weather to exposure to caffeine and nicotine or cigarette smoke. Head trauma, serious injuries, impacts to the neck and other parts of body as well as improper sleeping or the use of the wrong type of pillow can also produce migraine headaches.

Upper Cervical Spine Is Misaligned

It should be noted that these symptoms as described are triggers rather than the actual cause of migraines. Research and a number of studies have also indicated that a brainstem that is malfunctioning in some way can actually be the main cause of migraines. When the brain stem malfunctions there may be swelling or inflammation of blood vessels that surround the brain. This results in a series of reactions that produce the classic migraine headache. When the neck or upper cervical spine is misaligned there can be direct effects on the brain stem producing headache type symptoms.

Returning The Body To Natural Balance

There is a wide range of situations that can trigger long-term ongoing migraines. From sports related injuries to automobile accidents and slip and fall accidents as well as work-related injuries and emotional stress, the list is long when it comes to what sets-off a migraine headache. Chiropractic care and more specifically upper cervical care can restore the body to natural balance so the normal function can be enjoyed. Adjusting a misaligned neck will in many cases alleviate migraines and with repeated treatment can completely eradicate this troublesome and painful condition. Working with an experienced upper cervical chiropractic care provider is always the first place to start. Contact Upper Cervical Chiropractic today for specialized upper server care.
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