Dr. Nick Tedder


Dr. Nick Tedder is one of the most sought out doctors in the southeast where patients travel from Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and even Korea to experience his care. 

Dr. Tedder has been featured in Gwinnett Daily Post, Gwinnett Magazine, and the Braselton News. Our Mission at Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Georgia is to educate as many families as possible so that they can reach their God-given health potential through Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. Our patients have the necessary tools that will enable them to live a healthy and abundant life FREE of disease! You are more powerful than anyone has let you believe.

The reason Dr. Tedder and his team of doctors have a waiting list practice and patients are served from all over the world is their ability to get patients well. We have a modern day epidemic in healthcare. The crisis we face today is that modern-day allopathic medicine, as well as, natural medicine only chases symptoms with medication and supplements rather than addressing the root cause of disease.

Dr. Tedder is committed to sharing his insights with people and patients world-wide on how to create an optimal internal healing environment without the use of drugs or surgery. The goal of Upper Cervical Care is to maximize human potential and quality of life to the highest degree possible by enhancing structural, neurological and physiological function. Today, Dr. Tedder continues to research the nervous system, brainstem and cranial nerve systems, neuro-ocular system, and cerebellar synaptic system, with the intention of designing alternative treatment standards for human disease and the creation of wellness.

Dr. Tedder is a well-known Upper Cervical Specialist. He has completed over 500 credit hours in formal post-doctorate training at the prestigious Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies in Neurology and the Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific (KCUCS) Brain Stem Procedure and uses the most current knowledge within the fields of applied neuroscience, neurology, human physiology, spinal biomechanics and wellness in clinical practice at his state-of-the-art location in Hamilton Mill Georgia.

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