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Many people with the condition are seeking an epilepsy cure and seizure control medication. Their families are also likely seeking such cures or even just information regarding them. Chiropractic, particularly upper cervical chiropractic, might be worth a try. Chiropractors do not claim to have a cure for epilepsy, but many are willing to perform a check-up for new patients. Here is why.

Seizure Disorders and the Brain

Seizure disorders can be cause by a disruption of the normal functioning of the brain. The result is unusual body movement which can be violent, changes in consciousness, and issues with the senses. There may be others, but the point being made is that epilepsy seizures stem from the brain. Added to that, not all seizures are caused by epilepsy.
The question is, can upper cervical chiropractic cure epilepsy or moderate seizures? The answer currently is no, but it might help. Chiropractic care is related to misalignments (subluxation) of the spinal vertebrae. Subluxations can affect the entire nervous system. Such misalignment of the vertebrae means that the passage through which the spinal cord runs will be narrowed. This can put pressure on individual nerves in the spinal cord.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Cannot Cure Epilepsy but…

Such pressure can interfere with messages between your brain and the nerves in your body – including those responsible for normal bodily movement.  Chiropractic can reduce or remove this pressure, particularly upper cervical chiropractic that focuses on the top two vertebrae of your neck. Being the top two, any subluxation or misalignment here can affect your entire body.
A chiropractor cannot treat epilepsy directly. There is no credible evidence to indicate that we or anybody else can cure epilepsy by spinal adjustments. However, seizures themselves can result in excessive pressures being put on the cervical vertebrae. They can then be displaced.
This may be by means of excessive neck muscle movement, jerking of the neck vertebrae or impact with such items as walls or furniture during the seizure. This type of displacement in newborns is not uncommon during the trauma of childbirth.

Subluxation May be Caused by a Seizure

Unfortunately, upper cervical chiropractic cannot be used to cure epilepsy or seizures – as yet – but it may help with conditions brought about by the seizure.  Those who suffer epilepsy or seizures may find that a chiropractor can help them with problems brought about by subluxation, or vertebral displacement, during a seizure
It might also be possible to reduce nerve impulses that may result in a seizure. Such impulses can be generated from groups of nerve cells under spinal nerve stress due to subluxation. It is possible that these impulses will result in a seizure. In other words, one seizure can created conditions that promote another.

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Upper Cervical Chiropractic care may be able to reduce such nerve impulses and so reduce the incidences of seizures. In order to assess this possibility it would be necessary to get a check-up by an upper cervical doctor who may or may not suggest adjustment to your upper neck vertebrae to reduce such impulses.
Upper cervical chiropractic has been shown to help Seizure disorders, so why not schedule a complimentary consultation with a doctor to find if we can help you. Call us at 770.614.9444 or email us at info@getwellga.blairchiropractic.com
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