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Upper Cervical Chiropractic Treatment for Seizure Disorders & Epilepsy.

Seizure disorders & epilepsy are common neurological disorders affecting people of all ages. It is marked by unusual movements or behavior caused by a sudden increase of electrical activity in the brain.

In most people, epileptic seizures are controlled with anticonvulsant drugs or even surgery. However, some patients with epilepsy have drug-resistant epilepsy, also known as refractory epilepsy or pharmacoresistant epilepsy. In these cases, antiepileptic drugs fail to provide sustained relief from seizures.

The good news is that when nothing seems to improve your condition and even medications cease to work, alternative treatments like upper cervical chiropractic care come as a lifesaver. The ketogenic diet has proven to be an effective approach for the treatment of different types of seizure disorders, including refractory epilepsy.

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Seizure disorders can be of various types, and vary in frequency, magnitude and intensity. With non-invasive and alternative treatments available today, patients can move beyond traditional medical interventions that include medications and surgery.

If you or your loved one is suffering from a seizure disorder or epilepsy and aren’t getting the results you had expected with your current treatment, contact us for an assessment.

Our specialized upper cervical chiropractic care can help you more effectively manage your seizures. The best thing about upper cervical chiropractic treatment is that it could help in providing relief from various disorders, and not just epilepsy.

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