High Blood Pressure: Upper Cervical Treatment for Hypertension

High blood pressure can be treated using upper cervical chiropractic. Upper cervical treatment for hypertension, the medical term for high blood pressure, is a non-invasive technique. It requires neither chemical intervention nor drugs in its treatment.
High blood pressure is a common but serious condition. Around 30% of all adult Americans suffer hypertension, which means that the heart has to increase the pressure in your arteries to attain a sufficient level of blood circulation. This can be caused by the arteries becoming progressively blocked with deposits of LDL cholesterol which, if left untreated, could ultimately clog your arteries right up.
Think of a boiler – if creates too high of a pressure in the pipes, these pipes will blow. If there is a particularly weak point such as a failing joint, or an area of the pipe has corroded to make it thinner at a certain point then it blows there. If that spot is in your brain or the heart itself, then you have serious problems.

Chemical Solutions to High Blood Pressure

The most common chemical treatments, such as beta blockers and alpha blockers, affect the way your heart works. Beta blockers slow down your heart rate so less pressure is exerted. Alpha blockers help keep your blood vessels relaxed. Calcium channel blockers such as amlodipine and felodipine prevent calcium from entering the muscles of your arteries and heart, and so stops them from tightening too much.
There are more reasons for high blood pressure and more potential chemical solutions than just these. So what has this to do with upper cervical chiropractic? There can be many causes for hypertension (high blood pressure), though the most common is overeating unsaturated fats and other fatty foods – and also excessive use of alcohol. Over 50,000 American die each year from this condition, so what has this to do with upper cervical chiropractic you may be thinking.
To explain that, we have to go back to the contribution of the brain and the brain stem to this common condition. Your hearts and arteries do not decide themselves what a good blood pressure should be. It’s almost like saying that the boiler and its pipes are responsible for the pressure in the pipes that cause them to blow.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Reduces Blood Pressure

To stop it blowing, you must reduce the pressure. If your blood pressure is to be normal, then your brain and the main parts of your body must remain in constant contact. If that contact is restricted in any way, then your blood pressure might not be able to be properly regulated. A reason for this could be excessive pressure on your central nervous system – the cervical cord that passed from your brain stem down your neck and into the main part of your spine.
Your neck must be properly aligned. If not, then there will likely be a misalignment of the bones comprising your upper cervical region. That means that uneven pressure can be applied to your spinal cord to upset the balance between the way your arteries, veins and heart all work together. You may not be able to maintain a healthy pressure of blood within all these blood vessels.
In other words, you can suffer hypertension, an increase in the pressure your heart is exerting on your blood. This is the pressure needed to get your blood through all the arteries, capillaries and then veins back to your heart that comprise your circulation system.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Works 

Unlike other bones in your spine, the first vertebrae in your neck are unattached. They are loose, and rely on the muscles and ligaments around your neck to remain in place. Should these vertebrae become displaced, or not where they should be, you might not notice it.  It’s not like a broken arm or leg – your arm or leg stops working as it should.
If your nerve cord stops working as it should, it takes time for this to become apparent. Because high blood pressure has so many different causes, a misalignment of your upper cervical region may not be noticed – or even considered by most physiotherapists or doctors. This region involves the first two vertebrae in your neck.
There have been cases in the past where high blood pressure has been associated with upper neck injuries. By repositioning these vertebrae, chiropractors have found a resultant reduction in blood pressure back to normal. So it’s not an unhealthy reduction that would lead to a dangerous low blood pressure – just a healthy one that reduces the patient’s blood pressure levels even when that was not the primary purpose.

Bone Repositioning Reduces Blood Pressure

There has been a link shown between high blood pressure and upper neck injuries. It has also been demonstrated that expert manipulation of the upper cervical region of the spine has resulted in more than just a reduction in pain. Those with a proven history of high blood pressure have found it have been reduced to a healthy level.
Repositioning of the bones of the upper neck appears to have restored a proper level of communication between the brain and the body. In many cases it has been found that this form of upper cervical chiropractic has not only reduced blood pressure, but has also resolved  number of issues resulting from injuries that may have displaced the relationship of the upper cervical region with the major nerve bundle in the spinal column.

Contact Upper Cervical Chiropractic For More Help

A chiropractor can successfully treat not only high blood pressure. Success has been achieved with many other issues involving sports-related neck injuries. That is why chiropractors can offer ‘issue-free’ treatment for many issues connected with this part of the neck: the upper cervical region, or first two vertebrae from where the spine leaves the skull.
Please Contact Us – We Can Help You:  If you have high blood pressure, or hypertension that your physician is having difficulty with then we can help you. There are many other conditions that a minor neck injury or even a simple misalignment to the upper cervical region of your spine can lead to. This type of injury is very common, and the result of many sports falls or trips, job-related injuries and even poor posture or birth trauma.
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