Medicine Aversion – How Upper Cervical Chiropractic May Help

A medicine aversion is not uncommon. Nor is an aversion to hospitals or regular doctor surgeries. We do not claim to be able to treat every person with such aversions, but in some cases upper cervical chiropractic could be a good alternative. Many common illnesses and medical conditions are caused by an upper cervical subluxation, where the top two vertebrae in the neck are not correctly aligned.
The misalignment might be very small and almost immeasurable, and it might not even show on an x-ray, but it can be there.  And it can cause a number of medical and physical problems! If you or your child finds it difficult to take regular medication, then the Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Georgia may be able to help. The same is true for those with an aversion of visiting a doctor’s surgery or a hospital.
Atlas and Axis Vertebrae
Many disorders and diseases can be caused by an issue at the top of your neck. The top two vertebrae in your neck are responsible for allowing your head to swivel side to side, and nod up and down. You can suffer some serious issues if these two vertebrae (C1 and C2 or Atlas and Axis vertebrae) become even slightly misaligned or displaced.
The spinal cord held within the C1 – C2 vertebrae is roughly 9 mm x 11.8 mm in cross-section. It is more elliptical than circular but these dimensions change as it passes down the spine. Even a slight displacement of the vertebrae can pinch the spinal cord and affect your body below the top of your neck.
Doctor and Medicine Aversion is Real
People suffering disorders such as sciatica, migraine, ear infections, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders and many more, may be reluctant to visit a regular physician.  That may be because they have an aversion to doctors or of prescription medicines. Medicine aversion is a known issue with many people, and others have an aversion of hospitals and doctors’ surgeries.
An upper cervical chiropractor can offer a less threatening environment to such people, and we do not prescribe medicines. Our clinics have no ‘hospital’ or ‘surgery’ smell. Medical conditions such as those above can often be cured, or even just relieved, using upper cervical chiropractic.
Slight Chiropractic Adjustments Are Effective
We can make slight adjustments between your head and neck to get your cervical vertebrae back in proper alignment. This relieves the pressure on your spinal cord and is often effective in relieving your condition. We do not claim to cure every medical problem mentioned above, but we can often relieve the symptoms so you feel better.
Upper cervical chiropractic can reset the relationship between the C1 (atlas) and C2 (axis) vertebrae right at the top of your neck. A displacement of these vertebrae is responsible for many issues people have that can be sorted without medicines and hospital treatment. We can fix that displacement for you, medicine aversion or not.  No need for medicines and no need for doctor surgeries or hospitals.
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