How to Get Migraine Relief in Atlanta With a Migraine Chiropractor

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Genuine migraine relief is not easy to get. To be honest, there is no such thing as a migraine chiropractor, although chiropractic can be used to help with migraine pain. The type of chiropractic used to offer migraine relief is known as upper cervical chiropractic.  This involves a misalignment of the upper cervical spine, or the top two bony segments of the spine – right at the top of your neck.
If these segments, or vertebrae, become misaligned then they can create havoc throughout your body by [putting pressure on the spinal cord: the thick bundle of nerves running down though your neck that control how your entire body works.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Migraine Pain

If you suffer migraine pain, and regular medical treatment has failed to cure it, then upper cervical chiropractic might be your answer. There is actually no such thing as a migraine chiropractor, but we are the next best thing in that we can cure migraine pain when other doctors have not been able to. It’s not that they are doing the wrong things, only that the cause of your migraine might not be one of the normal causes. That’s why we stated earlier if “regular medical treatment has failed to cure it.”
We must repeat that chiropractic, particularly the specialty of upper cervical chiropractic, can cure many conditions that regular medicine has been unable to cure.  We have had success in treating many conditions caused by a misalignment of these critical two vertebrae that connect your spine to your head and protect the cord of nerves that control all your bodily functions.
These two vertebrae are responsible for ensuring that your spinal cord leaves the brain and then passes down your body without any obstructions. If these two vertebrae are not aligned correctly, then they can put pressure on your spinal cord – that can lead to many different medical conditions including the symptoms of migraine.

How to Get Migraine Relief

This is how to get migraine relief. Migraines do not only cause headaches, but also nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to sound and light, flashing lights and intense pain.  ‘Having a migraine’ is not the same as ‘having a headache.’ Almost everybody that does not suffer migraines fails to understand this. It’s not just a headache; it is a debilitating, upsetting and very painful experience. How to get migraine relief is to consult with someone who is experienced in the way your spine affects the spinal cord.
Upper cervical chiropractic can help with many different ailments and injuries, even some diseases, and one of these conditions is migraine. Those who suffer report many different effects other than the normal flashing lights and severe headache. They report tingling, numbness and even clumsiness in some cases. They often find it very difficult to function properly at work if they have an attack.

What is a Migraine Chiropractor?

Frequently, the main treatment for migraine involves analgesics, such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, or prescription painkillers. These only treat the symptoms, not the cause. A migraine chiropractor is actually an upper cervical chiropractor. He or she will manipulate your upper cervical spine and make sure that the vertebrae are aligned correctly.
If you have found that other treatments have failed to give you migraine relief, and you are still suffering as much as before the treatment, then you should try what many people refer to as a migraine chiropractor. That’s us. As we stated above, there is no such thing as a migraine chiropractor, but we are upper cervical chiropractors who are experienced in dealing with issues such as migraine.

Why an Upper Cervical Chiropractor Can Help You

Research has shown that a potential cause of migraines is a malfunction of the brain stem. This can lead to a swelling of the blood vessels around the brain. A badly aligned upper cervical spine can create the conditions that lead to this swelling. A misalignment of the top two vertebrae in your neck can lead to the classic symptoms of migraine. This is where the so-called migraine chiropractor can help.
Before we can help you, we must first check you over and establish whether or not you upper cervical area of your spine is aligned correctly.  There is no way of finding how to get migraine relief without first having this checkup. If you have this misalignment, as many do, then no amount of painkillers will cure your condition. Too many prescription painkillers can harm you. Paracetamol can cause liver problems, ibuprofen can attack your stomach lining and prescription painkillers such as codeine or Tramadol are addictive.
How to get migraine relief that lasts is to seek out the help of an upper cervical chiropractor – a migraine chiropractor if you like. If we can help you will, and we often can – particularly after regular medical help has not been effective. You know how painful and debilitating migraine can be, so let us help you as we have helped so many others.
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