Natural Relief for Meniere’s Disease Patients is Possible

As if upper cervical chiropractic had anything left to prove when it comes to being an effective method for managing a multitude of health concerns, recent research studies have now revealed the effectiveness of chiropractic as a means for managing Meniere’s disease.
One recent case study, in particular, revolved around upper cervical chiropractic becoming a successful means for managing a patient’s ailments (who struggles with the disease) after she had undergone right vestibular nerve section procedure that proved to be highly ineffective. Further proving that upper cervical chiropractic is the key to living a healthier lifestyle.

Understanding Meniere’s Disease

The rare, and particularly unpleasant condition known as Meniere’s disease characterized by ringing in the ear, hearing loss and extreme dizziness.
According to the experts, Meniere’s disease is seen as a chronic condition which significantly reduces the quality of life of the patients who struggle with it. Beyond frequently suffering from recurrent tinnitus and vertigo, some patients even experience hearing loss.
It’s known that Meniere’s disease is a result of inner ear dysfunction, however, any concrete evidence of the cause as well as an effective treatment has, unfortunately, been (still) lacking. With that being said, after the release of these recent studies, Meniere’s patients are provided a glimmer of hope when it comes improving their symptoms through upper cervical chiropractic treatments.

Possible Causes of Meniere’s Disease

While these past 2 studies have proven the possibility for true relief for Meniere’s patients, another recent study — which investigated 300 patients, noting various improvements — has established that the primary culprit of the disease (in the patients involved) was, in fact, whiplash trauma.
This could have been a result of a vehicular accident or blow to the head. Additionally, 90 percent of these patients were found to have atlas misalignment patterns of inferior and posterior, located on the other side of their affected ear.
The good news? All of these patients received upper cervical chiropractic treatment; and the study notes significant improvements over a six year period. Each of the patients involved reported the intensity of their vertigo symptoms using a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being an indication of the most severe. While 8.5 was the average score for these patients before receiving head and neck treatment, their intensity was dropped down to an average of 3.0 within just 6 weeks, seeing significant drops each year with a consistent average of 0.8 after a 6 year period.

Chiropractic Care of the Atlas Vertebra

What both of these studies demonstrate is that by providing patients who struggle with Meniere’s with specific chiropractic care for the atlas vertebra, these people were offered significant improvements in terms of treating their condition.
While the first study proved that an upper cervical chiropractic approach was effective for treating the disease by correcting the atlas subluxation complex, the second study proved that patients who have a history of vertigo and trauma should be referred to an upper cervical chiropractor for immediate evaluation.
Patients with Meniere’s Disease have typically been provided with traditional medical therapy alone; and not been presented with any other options. However, these new studies show that an effective alternative exists in the form of upper cervical chiropractic care, which is an extremely more natural form of treatment, that is proving to be more effective when it comes to providing long term relief.
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