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The doctors of Upper Cervical Chiropractic have a higher purpose and dedication to teaching and serving their patients and community with the highest quality of health care possible. It is estimated that there are less than 1,000 doctors in the world who specialize in Upper Cervical Corrective Care. We want to offer our patients our expertise, experience and commitment to excellence.


Our doctors have cared for tens of thousands of families from around the world, most of which, are considered “the worst of the worst” medical cases and have directed them to experience their God-given right to be well.


Our doctors have obtained an additional 3-5+ years of post-graduate training in Upper Cervical Corrective Care.

Upper Cervical Care at Our Office

We understand that most patients have many questions regarding their scheduled office visits, as well as, the frequency of their adjustments. Even though Upper Cervical Care is a specialty within the field of Chiropractic, when most people start care with us, they compare us to their former experience in another Chiropractic office.

This is a huge mistake because 98% of Chiropractors are practicing in a therapeutic model, and what we find is that you have never been taught the truth about how your body creates disease AND more importantly how the body heals itself and the role of Upper Cervical Care in that process. Healing takes place when the upper cervical spine holds its alignment and the brain can communicate with the body at 100%.

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