Sciatica and Upper Cervical Chiropractic Atlanta

Sciatica can often be cured by upper cervical chiropractic. In fact, sciatica and chiropractic are often mentioned in the same breath. Sciatica is connected with the large sciatic nerve that runs from the spinal cord down through the bottom of your spine and then branches into your legs. The pain can be severe and there are several causes for sciatica. Some of these are medical and some are physical, often related to the spine.
Sciatica can be caused by a slipped or herniated disc. Your vertebrae have two basic functions: to enable your body to bend (a rigid spine would mean it would always be straight like a broom handle) and also to protect the spinal cord – the cord of nerves that passes from the brain down through your body and that controls every human activity and organ.
Each vertebra if separated from its neighbors by a rubbery disc that is filled with a think jelly that acts as a shock-absorber. If the disc bulges through being ruptures (herniated), it can place pressure on the cord of nerves. This can be one cause of sciatica.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic

The top two vertebrae in your spine, closest to where the neck fits into the skull, are known as the upper cervical vertebrae. If these become displaced, pressure can also be exerted on the bundle of nerves. The term given to the condition, where these two segments are displaced is known as upper cervical subluxation.
This obstructs the normal path of the electrical signals from the brain down past that region of your neck. The result can be anything from a slight pain to a total breakdown of the functions of your body – that latter is extremely rare, and most subluxation of this type can be treated by chiropractic.

Get Well Ga:  Upper Cervical Chiropractors

As upper cervical chiropractors, that is the form of chiropractic that we at GetWellGa specialize in. By adjusting the upper vertebrae and getting them back to their normal position, we can not only relieve our patients from severe pain, but also cure the condition that caused it. If the displacement has caused a more serious condition further down your body, then we can cure that by adjusting the relative position of these two critical bones of your spine.
We do not remove anything nor do we add anything. We simply adjust. We return your spine to its natural condition so all the vertebrae are back where nature intended. That is fundamentally what any chiropractor does, but we focus largely on the upper cervical region, close to the brain stem and the very top of your spine.

Pills or Chiropractor to Cure Sciatica

Regular physicians may give you painkillers because they are unable to cure sciatica. They are excellent true professionals at what they do, but there are some conditions that require a professional. If you had bad arthritis, and maybe required a knee or hip replacement, you would see an orthopedic surgeon.
In just the same way, if you have an upper cervical spinal issue such as an upper cervical subluxation you see a chiropractor. What would you prefer: pills to dull the pain or upper cervical chiropractic to cure its cause? We can’t guarantee 100% that an upper cervical chiropractor will cure your sciatica, but there is a very high chance that he or she will.

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