How a Sports Chiropractor Can Keep You Fit Longer

A sports chiropractor can keep you fit longer. This is true for all impact sports and those requiring extended physical activity. Some chiropractic websites show the photo published on the cover of the May 1934 issue of the National Chiropractic Association’s (NCA) journal. It shows Erle Painter DC treating a Yankees baseball player as a standing Babe Ruth looks on in the middle of the photo.
Erle Painter was a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) employed by the New York Yankees to look after the team’s fitness.  He was the Yankees’ chiropractic trainer. In these days, professional sports teams looked for results and chiropractic was a recognized form of treatment for sports injuries – particularly those in involving the spine and the upper cervical region.

Benefits of a Sports Chiropractor

The benefits that chiropractic offers to sport cannot be overemphasized. Baseball can cause a number of injuries to the arm, shoulder and the back. Football is similar – it is an impact sport and can lead to many different types of injury to joints and the muscles that operate them.
A 2002 survey discovered that 31% NFL teams had a chiropractor as a member of their medical staff.  The results of this survey by J.L. Stump and D. Redwood were reported in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 2002 March-April edition. Under the title The use and role of sport chiropractors in the national football league: a short report.  Just click the link to read the report.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Used in Many Sports

It’s not just in baseball and NFL where chiropractic is considered an important aspect of treatment for sportspersons.  Hockey is another. Whether field hockey or ice hockey, chiropractic can resolve injury issues, particularly the shoulder injuries that many suffer in ice hockey.
There are many other sports where expert chiropractic, including upper cervical chiropractic, can be useful. Martial arts can lead to issues caused by slightly displaced upper cervical vertebrae, including the grip strength that is so important.
Keep in mind that the upper cervical area, the top two vertebrae in your spine – in your neck – can cause all kinds of problems further down your body should they become displaced. Displacement puts pressure on your spinal cord, the bundle of nerves that control all your bodily functions including the way your blood circulations provides oxygen to your muscles.
Elbow problems, shoulder problems and even hip and knee problems can be connected with the health of your upper cervical region: the two bones of your spine closest to your brain stem and that will have greatest effect on you  should they become displaced.  Displacement is easy, and can go unnoticed by regular physicians that have no experience of chiropractic. A sports chiropractor will not miss them.

High Level of Expert Chiropractic

Many people, including medical professionals, look on upper cervical chiropractic as being not far off voodoo! More fools them, because increasing numbers of their powers are coming round to accept chiropractic as being a relevant form of orthopedic medicine.  Manipulation of your upper spinal column can sure you of many problems that traditional doctors have been unable to treat.
Large professional sports clubs appear to appreciate this fact, and are investing money into using sports chiropractors to  keep their team member fit for work; fit to perform well and not break down when put under physical pressure. Here at GetWellGa, we can offer you the level of expert chiropractic that professional sports clubs are paying a fortune for.  If you are involved in a form of sport that can lead to injuries of your joints and muscles, then we will not turn you away.
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