Standard Chiropractic Care and Upper Cervical Care Differences

While there are a number of common differences in terms of differentiating between upper cervical treatment and regular chiropractic care, there are others that are not as well known. A standard difference that is typically experienced when visiting an upper cervical doctor includes having multiple x-rays taken at various stages of treatment. These detailed x-rays are intended to provide for more accurate adjustments when making upper cervical adjustments. This ensures that a very delicate area of the body, the upper spine where it intersects the base of the brain is treated with great care at all times.

Upper Cervical Adjustments

Multiple measurements as well as assessments of posture including checks with regard to nervous system function are conducted to further increase accuracy. Thermographic imaging or heat readings are often used to further refine the accuracy associated with upper cervical adjustments. Another clear distinction when it comes to upper cervical care is that adjustments are not made each and every time the patient visits their chiropractic care provider. When talking about upper cervical adjustments, treatment is applied only when there are clear indications that it is indeed needed and necessary.

Post Adjustment Checks

Upper cervical doctors will also do a number of post adjustment checks each time an adjustment has been made. This is necessary in order to compare the results of an adjustment with the actual adjustment formula that was calculated for the patient based on their specific anatomy. Post adjustment x-rays, checks of various segments of the body for normal functioning and a series of other post adjustment evaluations are regularly made. In addition to these more common differences when comparing general chiropractic care to upper cervical care there are a few others that should be noted.

Gentle And Soft Realignment Procedures

For example, one noted difference in upper cervical care is that the adjustments are virtually always very gentle and delicate. As most would imagine, the upper neck region of the body is a delicate and sensitive area that should be handled with the greatest of care. In many instances adjustments initiated in this area will result in the body reacting by locking up as a way to prevent injury. Because of this automatic response, upper cervical doctors use gentle and soft realignment procedures. This allows for better neck and head balance and ensures safer adjustments.

Inter-Vertebrae Discs

Finally, upper cervical doctors use specific and detailed adjusting protocol as a way to correctly realign the neck-to-head region of the spine. When talking about upper cervical care, it really comes down to working in a very accurate and delicate way to properly align the neck-to-head area of the body. Because this area of the body is so susceptible to injury it is an area that requires additional care, focus and attention. It is very unique and unlike other stronger areas of the spine that have inter-vertebrae discs. Contact Upper Cervical Chiropractic for an upper cervical doctor in Atlanta, Georgia.
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