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Most people cannot understand how upper cervical chiropractic works, let alone how it can help digestive orders. The main reason for this is due to a misunderstanding behind the general science of chiropractic.
Chiropractors are well trained members of the medical profession who deal generally with problems of the spine.
Upper Cervical Subluxation
Here at GetWellGa, we focus specifically on the upper cervical region of the spine – the top two vertebrae nearest the brain stem.  Any misalignment, or sublaxation, of these two vertebrae can put pressure on the top of the bundles of nerves known as the spinal cord.  Think of your spine as consisting of a number of discs with holes down the middle. Through these holes runs your spinal cord.
If two of these discs become misaligned, the respective holes through them are misaligned, and compress the spinal cord. This is turn leads to the nerves affected misfiring. This compression can cause a large number of issues, depending on the nerves that are affected.

Cervical Subluxation and Digestive Disorders

Your digestion is controlled by specific nerves in your spinal cord, just like every other function of your body, from wiggling your toes to your blood pressure and heartbeat. They even control your hearing and sleep patterns.  Your digestion can be affected by an upper cervical subluxation: a misalignment of the top two of your vertebrae at the top of your neck nearest your brain.
Common digestive disorders are constipation, IBS, Crohn’s disease, colic and even acid reflux. The symptoms can be very distressing including diarrhea, bloating, pain, constipation and  bleeding.  Prescription drugs may deal with some of the symptoms, but might not cure the underlying problem.  The same is true of over the counter medicines.
One reason for such digestive disorders might be a malfunction of your nervous system cause by pressure on the nerves s they pass down from your brain. The brain stem controls many vital functions including digestion. An upper cervical subluxation, or misalignment, can be caused by a fall, whiplash, sports injury, birth trauma or even a bump on the neck.  It can lead to many health issues.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Digestive Disorders

A malfunctioning nervous system can cause many disorders which includes your digestion.  If you find that the medicines or pills you are taking don’t help you much then you might find a chiropractor can help.
Upper cervical chiropractic involves adjusting and realigning your upper two spinal vertebrae so they are directly in line again. This releases the pressure on your spinal cord. It may also result in a cure for your digestive problem. Many people find this to be the case.  They have tried traditional medicine but only found genuine relief when they used an upper cervical chiropractor.
Upper cervical chiropractic has been shown to help digestive orders, so why not schedule a complimentary consultation with a doctor to find if we can help you. Call us at 770.614.9444 or email us at

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