What’s Different?


The difference between Upper Cervical Corrective Care and traditional Chiropractic Care is Customized Corrective Care Before we have a discussion about what one of the most significant distinctions between a traditional chiropractic office and our practice is, we must first understand traditional chiropractic care. Generally the goals of traditional chiropractic are:

  1. Acute “quick fix” only
  2. Relax muscle spasm
  3. Temporarily decrease in pain
  4. Improve range of motion

These are all fantastic goals and there are many chiropractors in the area that do a good job at providing you with traditional chiropractic care. At UCCGA, our main focus & objective is the wellbeing of your brain/brainstem health, as well as neuro-structural correction. A majority of cases we serve at our practice, UCCGA, are often a referral from other chiropractors, medical doctors and specialists in the area, suffering from a significant Structural Shift at the Cranio-cervical Junction affecting the health of the spine. These Structural shifts or structural misalignments are the underlying cause that often show themselves as “symptoms” – or what Upper Cervical Corrective Doctors refer to as Secondary Conditions. Upper Cervical Neuo-structural Chiropractic correction, that we have offered for over a ten years, focuses exclusively on the correction of the underlying cause – the Cranio-cervical Structural Shifts. UCCGA works hard to differentiate our custom chiropractic care from the other clinics in the area. 

We understand that there are many schools of thought about medicine and feel that we can achieve the best results in caring for your pain or illness by addressing the structural issues first, which may be the underlying cause of your pain. There are a host of other options in our local area that sincerely work hard to do a good job, but their focus is usually on simply treating pain. Let’s say John Doe comes into another clinic with neck pain. More often than not, the other clinic’s goal is to get him out of his pain, which is important—nothing bad about that. In contrast, at UCCGA, our focus is on discovering what is causing John’s pain and correcting the root issue. For example, take anterior head syndrome. 

It’s like an epidemic that’s taking place. The media has recently begun calling it “text neck” but we’ve labeled it anterior head syndrome for over a decade. Anterior head syndrome will cause all those secondary issues. A traditional chiropractor will treat those with low-pulse, high-frequency electronic stimulation pads, put an ice pack on you, suggest some ultrasound therapy. Their goal is to decrease the swelling so you have less pain. The traditional doctor will do a good job treating symptoms or secondary conditions. UCCGA will work hard to investigate the primary causes. That’s a major difference.