Is This A Case of Undiagnosed Post Concussion Syndrome?

Is This A Case of Undiagnosed Post Concussion Syndrome?

Have you ever experienced one of those moments in your life when something bad happened to you, but then later on that thing which you labeled as “bad”, ended up being a blessing?
Me too! …and that’s why I want to share this short story with you.
A really good friend of mine told me a story about an experience he had playing Jr. High School football.
He was around the age of fourteen at the time…they had made the playoffs that year for their AA school and during one of the practices he was asked to hold a “dummy” for the offensive linemen to hit and block.
He had done this hundreds of times in the past without ever sustaining an injury. However, on this particular occasion, he wasn’t so lucky.
One of the biggest players on his team was a Two-Hundred, Thirty Three Pound, Offensive Lineman, Meaner than a Junkyard Dog and went by the name of “Attila”! (massive for a 14 year old)
Not only was he strong, but he had the mentality of a “barbarian” when he was on the field!
…hence the nickname “Atilla”.
Anyway, my friend was holding the dummy for the Lineman to hit. Then, when the coach blew the whistle to begin the play, he said he saw this Lineman’s big green eyes light up with fire and “Attila” came at him with everything he had! …and just before he hit the dummy, my friend tucked his head down (something you’re taught to “NEVER DO!” I guess he just forgot) and “Attila” slammed the fifty pound dummy that my friend was holding and his two-hundred, thirty three pound body went straight into my friends head and neck!
My friend said he heard a loud “pop” in his neck and he said that he instantly fell to the ground, slamming his head on the frozen, mid-November, Pennsylvania practice field.
He said he got back up pretty quick, but he noticed that his neck was in a lot of pain and he could hardly move it. As a matter of fact, his neck got so stiff and tight that it took nearly two weeks for it to loosen up and another week for the pain to finally reside.
…but then something unexpected happened! Something very bad!
Two weeks after his injury, he started getting headaches. Headaches like he never had before. He ended up with Migraines …and he was getting them frequently.
No joke, he was getting 4 to 5 migraine headaches per month. He started taking Advil Extra Strength like he was eating candy, but that didn’t really work. Eventually he was given a prescription by his doctor. The prescription drug actually worked to relieve the headaches, but there was a problem and the problem was this, the migraines always returned. Week after week, month after month and year after year.
Looking back on it, he probably had a concussion in addition to his neck injury, but he was never “diagnosed” with a concussion. …because migraines are a classic sign of Post-Concussion Syndrome.  As a matter of fact, when I asked him, he said neither the team trainer nor his doctor even checked him for a concussion.
He also told me he had episodes of memory loss, trouble sleeping and vertigo for months after the injury.  Again, classic signs of a concussion.  …but he said the migraines were the most debilitating.
So was this a case of undiagnosed post concussion syndrome?  Quite possibly.
Regardless, his neck and head injury had caused the top bone in his neck to move out of place and put pressure on the nerves and vertebral arteries that controlled the blood supply to his head.
It was the bone out of place, putting pressure on the nerves, brainstem and vertebral arteries that was causing his migraine headaches.
…but my friend didn’t know that at the time! So he continued on with the same old, same old treatment.
Medication and an ice pack.
He continued with the same treatment, year after year and as you would expect, he continued getting the same results (recurring migraine headaches) week after week, month after month, and year after year.
My friend suffered with 4 to 5 pounding, throbbing, skull splitting migraine headaches per month for the next seven years of his life!
He was taking medication weekly. It actually got to the point that he convinced himself that the migraines were going to be a “normal part of life” for him.
Then one day he ran into an old friend by the name of Susan at the grocery store. Susan had been seeing an Upper Cervical Specialist for her Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. She told my friend that the Upper Cervical Specialist had saved her from having the surgery that her medical doctor had “…strongly recommended!”
She also mentioned that her Upper Cervical Specialist was offering a FREE Consultation in his office and that she thought he should go in for a check-up to see if her Upper Cervical Specialist would be able to help him with his migraines.
He told her he would “think about it”, and “maybe” he would look into it. …but three weeks later, he hadn’t done anything.
When Susan asked her Upper Cervical Specialist about Chris and if had scheduled an appointment yet, he told that he had not heard from him. So Susan took it upon herself to schedule the appointment for Chris. She called Chris as she was driving over to his house to let him know she was on her way to get him and take him to her Upper Cervical Specialist. When she got to Chris’ house she grabbed his phone and dialed the number for him! …and then handed him the phone and said, “Schedule the appointment…trust me.”
As Chris was telling me this story, I remember thinking, “Dang, that was really bold of Susan to do that.” …and don’t get me wrong, it was a very bold move, but this is one person who obviously cares about her friend.
My friend Chris went in for his exam and the Upper Cervical Specialist took some x-rays and pointed out the exact CAUSE of his migraine headaches.
Sure enough, it was a bone out of place in his upper spine that was putting pressure on the nerves, brainstem and vertebral arteries that controlled the blood supply to Chris’ head.
Good News! The Upper Cervical Specialist Was Going To Be Able To Help Him!
Chris received his first Upper Cervical Adjustment that day!
(He said it felt so relaxing and it felt like a big weight of stress and pressure was released off his head).
Within 4 weeks, his migraine headaches were completely gone and he was no longer consuming medication on a weekly basis!
You know, Chris didn’t have health insurance back then and he had to pay cash for his care. I’m not going to lie, Upper Cervical Care isn’t cheap, but it’s not the most expensive form of health care either.
Especially when you consider having to pay $6 for a single Tylenol in the hospital! …or having to pay $1,700 for one nights stay in a hospital bed!
…or having to spend $1,000 for a single visit to the dentist! …but even though Chiropractic Care isn’t necessarily “cheap”, my friend said…
“It is by far the best money I have ever invested in myself, hands down!”
…and he’s personally told me that he would have spent twice the amount had it cost that much.
Do you think it was worth it? Well, consider this…
He spent seven years of his life suffering with pounding, throbbing headaches.
Those headaches stopped him from being able to go on his Senior Class Trip. He “skipped” out on a lot of college classes and fell behind in his work because of those headaches.
And now because of Susan and her “boldness” to help her friend, he’s now spent the last nineteen years of his life migraine headache free!
This lady, “Susan”, helped my friend Chris get his life back! …and that’s what life is all about, isn’t it?
Chris is LIVING LIFE PAIN FREE AGAIN! …and he’s now able to enjoy his family and friends without the fear of another debilitating migraine headache.”
So, again, do you think “…it was worth it?” Well, if you’re thinking the same thing I am, then you’re thinking “…worth every penny and more!” …but the story doesn’t end there!
Chris has now been getting Upper Cervical Care on a regular basis for the last nineteen years of his life on a Wellness Program (in other words, he’s been using Upper Cervical Care as a way to stay healthy for the last nineteen years) and he gets his whole family adjusted as well. …not only has he been able to remain migraine headache free, but he’s also had other health problems improve as a result of Upper Cervical Care. Health problems that he would have never suspected that Upper Cervical Care could help.
Health problems like…

  • Acid Reflux
  • Constipation
  • Allergies

As weird as this may sound…the truth is, if it weren’t for that Two Hundred, Thirty Three Pound Offensive Lineman hitting my friend as hard as he could and injuring his neck, I don’t think my friend Chris would have ever found Upper Cervical Chiropractic!
If it weren’t for his friend Susan making the phone call for him, he probably would have never done it himself.
…because now this guy understands the life long, health benefits of getting Upper Cervical Adjustments on a regular basis.
I mean the guy hasn’t been sick in over a decade! Coincidence? Maybe? …but I doubt it! (Especially when you realize that the nerve system controls the immune system.)
I wanted to share this story with you to help you understand that sometimes all it takes is a simple referral. A simple suggestion, to help your loved ones live life pain free and start enjoying life again.
They don’t have to keep “putting up” with their migraines or other health problems.
If you suffer with migraines or you know someone who suffers with migraines or you or a loved one has been diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome, please call our office and schedule a Complimentary Consultation. Remember, this consultation isn’t a commitment, it’s just a conversation to see what, if anything, Upper Cervical Care can do.
We can’t help EVERYONE, but we’ve helped hundreds of people in Sandy Springs and Dacula live life free of migraines already, maybe you could be next?
The consultation is no charge. You have nothing to lose…except maybe your migraines or other health issues.

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Love and Wisdom,
Dr. Nick Tedder
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