Upper Cervical Adjustments For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that is often associated with repetitive motion disorder and can be treated in a number of ways. That said, upper cervical spinal care is quickly growing in interest in terms of treating carpal tunnel syndrome and other types of repetitive motion disorders. Upper cervical care is primarily intended to correct the misalignment associated with a region of the body where the spine merges with the base of the brain. This type treatment helps to correct a wide range conditions that routinely affect the body.

Dependency On Pharmaceutical Medications

When there is irritation or imbalance in the upper cervical region it may manifest as problems in other parts of the body. Nerves in the upper cervical region can extend well into the extremities including the wrist, hand and even the fingers. Avoiding invasive surgery and dependency on pharmaceutical medications that are intended to dull pain is possible. Upper cervical corrections can heal a wide range of conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome. Pressure or irritation on the median nerve that originates in the neck is most often responsible for carpal tunnel syndrome manifestations.

Loss Of Temperature Sensation

The median nerve is tasked with providing movement and sensation in the fingers and hands. When this nerve becomes irritated or injured the patient can experience numbness, tingling, burning and even pain in various areas of the hands, wrists and fingers. More advanced symptoms include loss of temperature sensation and even muscle weakness. Patients with advanced stages of CTS or carpal tunnel syndrome may experience difficulty in lifting small objects, holding objects as well as doing simple things like turning a doorknob. Upper cervical adjustments can provide considerable relief for those with CTS.

Aggravated By Irritation Or Pressure

Because CTS originates in the neck where the median nerve begins it is important to start here in the healing process. When the nerve becomes aggravated by irritation or pressure anywhere in the neck the end result is pain, numbness, aches and other similar symptoms as discussed above. Upper cervical procedures performed by chiropractors that specialize in this type of treatment have been consistently successful in alleviating the pain and other symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition to CTS, upper cervical care offers relief for a wide range of other health conditions.

Upper Cervical Doctors

This includes everything from seizure disorders and epilepsy to asthma and depression. In addition, diabetes, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia and ear infections as well as high blood pressure and inner ear problems have all been addressed through the proper implementation of upper cervical treatment. Even multiple sclerosis and migraine headaches have been successfully treated through the careful and detailed application of upper cervical adjustments. While there are many choices when it comes to upper cervical doctors in the greater Atlanta area, one doctor in particular has earned a trusted reputation for successful treatments over the years. Contact Upper Cervical Chiropractic today for upper cervical adjustments.
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