How Does Upper Cervical Care Differ From Regular Chiropractic Care1

How Does Upper Cervical Care Differ From Regular Chiropractic Care?

One of the clearest distinctions when receiving upper cervical care procedures and care is that an adjustment will never be made without prior detailed x-rays. This is simply due to the fact that upper cervical chiropractic treatment requires precise x-rays so that the doctor may make adjustments based on the patient’s unique individual anatomy. This is especially true because these adjustments are made in the neck region and areas associated with the base of the brain.

Safe And Successful Adjustments

The adjoining area of the neck and head requires exacting measurements and specific anatomical information that is derived from x-rays in order to accurately make safe and successful adjustments. Conversely, regular chiropractic care often applies adjustments to parts of the body such as the lower spine where greater flexibility and greater tolerances exist. In short, lower areas of the spine offer greater ranges of motion that are more conducive to regular chiropractic adjustments. There are specific motion pathways that are associated with the shape of the lower spine that make less-precise adjustments acceptable.

Accurate Measurements

Greater flexibility when making adjustments means that there is more leeway when it comes to minor adjustment related errors. While no chiropractor wishes to experience errors during an adjustment, they do occur and that is why upper cervical care requires well-defined accuracy. Upper cervical treatment clearly comes down to ensuring that extensive, detailed and accurate measurements are made long before the first adjustment is ever made. Understanding a patient’s unique anatomy is one of the first steps in performing successful cervical chiropractic adjustments. Upper cervical care requires specialized training and additional education to ensure that this type of treatment is performed perfectly every time.

Measuring Nerve Function

Another clear distinction with regard to upper cervical care as opposed to regular chiropractic treatment is that upper cervical procedures involve the implementation of objective measures of the body’s function. This helps to guide the chiropractor in making more accurate clinical decisions with regard to the patient’s treatment. From measuring nerve function indirectly to using heat readings or something known as paraspinal thermography, chiropractic care focused on upper cervical treatment is intended to visualize the patient’s correct alignment as compared to an out-of-alignment posture. There are many tools used by the doctor to achieve this objective.

Measuring Hip Height

From measuring hip rotation to measuring hip height as well as shoulder height and several parameters of the spine, upper cervical treatment is again based upon detailed and accurate measurements in all respects. Additional measurements are required when conducting upper cervical treatment with regard to the spine. These measurements inclusively combined all contribute to the successful outcome of any upper cervical care related adjustments. While there are many choices when it comes to upper cervical care practitioners, one upper cervical doctor in the greater Atlanta area has gained a reputation for detailed and dedicated service for patients of all ages. Contact Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Georgia for upper cervical corrections today.

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