How Upper Cervical Chiropractic can Help Many Forms of Pain

Upper cervical chiropractic can help relieve pain – many types of pain. In fact it can completely cure many forms of pain rather than just relieve it, so the choice is yours.  There are few types of pain – slightly painful, moderately but tolerably painful and severely painful.  In other words, wherever it is, pain varies only by degree.  We all know that some conditions cause more pain than others, although pressure on your spinal cord through a misaligned cervical vertebra can be severe – or it can be slight!
In order to understand how upper cervical chiropractic can help ease your pain, or even rid you of it forever, you must first understand how this form of treatment works. You may have read this elsewhere on our site, but let’s not make assumptions. Here is fundamentally what upper cervical chiropractic is all about. undue pressure on a nerve that, for example, controls the pain sensation in your lower back. It can even cut the signal to a nerve that controls your arm or leg movement or even, God forbid, controls your breathing, your blood pressure or even migraines or depression.
What is Upper Cervical Chiropractic
Upper Cervical chiropractic refers to the upper cervical area of your spine.  This area comprises the top two vertebral bones in your body that are closest to your brain stem, the very top of the spinal cord. Your spine is not only to hold your ribs and to allow you to stand erect rather than just flop around.  Its other major purpose is to protect your spinal cord.  This is the thick cord of nerves that control your entire body below the brain.
If any part of your spinal cord is damaged, then that damage will materialize in the effectiveness of your bodily functions below that damage. That damage can be traumatic, such as a breakage of the neck and a severing of the spinal cord.  In fact, even a slight misplacement of these top two vertebrae can place.
Intense Pain and Asthma
Upper cervical chiropractic can help with all of these conditions, and also with others including asthma and your general overall fitness level.  Pressure on the spinal cord can lead to pain all down your body, including the unbelievably painful Trigeminal Neuralgia. This is also known as the ‘suicide disease.’ That is because the pain is not only unbelievably intense (even a soft feather or a light pillow on your face can give you extreme pain) but you will also likely be informed that there is no cure if you visit a physician.
But there is a cure.  Chiropractic can provide that cure, as it can for many other ‘incurable’ conditions. Many times, this and similar conditions, such as Trigeminal Neuralgia, are caused by pressure on the spinal cord by displaced vertebrae.  In this case, it is likely to be the upper cervical vertebrae that are responsible.
Professional Chiropractic Help
The pain will not go until you have dealt with the condition causing it. It may be due to a simple slight misalignment, or it could be a serious subluxation.  A chiropractor can deal with both of these, returning the vertebrae to their correct positions by manipulation. If this is not done, then the nerve will continue to be aggravated by the condition and you will ultimately need professional chiropractic help.
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