Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care: Chiropractic and Bowel Disorders

Upper cervical chiropractic care refers to the top two vertebrae of the neck. The cervix is the neck, and the upper cervix refers to the upper portion of the neck, defined by the first two of the seven vertebrae in your neck. The neck vertebrae not only allow you to move and bend your neck, but they also protect your spinal cord – the cord of nerves that come down from your brain into your body.
This cord is particularly thick at the top of your neck, before the various strings of nerves leave the spinal cord to pass messages throughout your body. If anything happen up there at the top of your neck then it can affect your entire body.  That’s why a broken neck, which also severs many of the nerves, more often than not leads to paralysis farther down your body – assuming it doesn’t paralyze you heart muscle and kill you.
If this cord becomes pinched in any way, it can affect specific functions of your body. It can become pinched or compressed if your upper vertebrae slip out of alignment and press on the spinal cord. This can lead to many different complaints including bowel disorders. If it presses on another part of the spinal cord it can lead to issues with your breathing, or with your muscles and ability to lift weights or even with your heart.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Upper cervical chiropractic works on these problems and often cures them by realigning your upper spine. Many people turn to chiropractors when they have had no success with traditional medicine or even surgery. If your top two or three vertebrae are not perfectly aligned then you will have problems!
No amount of modern medical techniques or pharmaceuticals will cure this. You need the spinal components to be realigned, so that there are no pressure points that change the way you’re your spinal cord sends its messages.
The only way to cure any problem is to find the source and work on that to remove it. If that is a chemical imbalance or bacteria, then pills might help.  If it is a physical imbalance, then no amount of pills will help.  Your spine needs realignment.

Chiropractors Can Cure Constipation

Apart from being an alliteration that statement is correct. Chiropractors can cure constipation! In fact, that is where chiropractic comes into the equation. Many regular doctors descry them, but those same doctors cannot answer when asked why they could not solve the problem – and even less when asked why the chiropractor relieved the symptom.
Irritable bowel symptom, acid reflux and constipation can all be cured by chiropractic – but not always.  A lot depends on the reason for it. However, if that reason is a subluxation or pressure caused by a slippage of the upper vertebrae onto the spinal cord, then chiropractic can cure it. A chiropractor cannot work wonders or defeat nature, but upper cervical chiropractic can cure problems in a way that many still do not understand.
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