Is Upper Cervical Chiropractic Suitable for Children?

Is Upper Cervical Chiropractic Suitable for Children?

The question has caused much debate:  ‘Is upper cervical chiropractic suitable for children?’  Yes, given that the chiropractor is suitably trained and care is taken when adjusting a young child’s spine.  Chiropractic can be used to help children with a range of conditions such as chronic ear infections, colic, bedwetting and even asthma is some cases.  We take great care with children to ensure that any treatment or adjustment is definitely needed before we proceed.

Upper Cervical Vertebral Displacement At Childbirth

Sure, you get the usual claims that chiropractic is not suitable for young children. However, what other treatment is there for a child whose upper cervical spinal region has been displaced by the trauma of childbirth. This region of the spine involves the top two vertebrae – those in the neck closest to the skull and the brain stem. They can easily be stressed and displaced, particularly during childbirth. Structural abnormalities in this region can be detected by experienced chiropractors.
Here at Get Well Ga., we use multiple objective indicators, which involves the use of multiple criteria to establish whether or not a subluxation, or vertebral displacement, has occurred and we combine that with structural analysis to confirm the diagnosis. Pediatric upper cervical care is gentle, safe and very specific to the condition of the spine in that area – at the top of the neck.
Such displacements can put pressure on a child’s spinal cord. This can cause great pain elsewhere in the body, or any of many different physical conditions such as headache and earache, asthma, ear disorders and even seizures and epilepsy. Fix the displacement and you cure the symptoms.

Only a Light Touch Used With Children

We apply only light force when adjusting the spin of a child or infant. We certainly do not try to force anything – think of testing the softness of a ripe tomato with a finger. The pressure used is no more than that when putting in a contact lens.
Many parents seek chiropractic help when traditional medicine has failed to help their child. They should really come to us first, because an experiences pediatric chiropractor can quickly diagnose any misalignment issues that may be causing the child’s distress– and then put them right.
Studies show that upper cervical care can help children. You can find more information on this website
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