Can a Visit to Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Georgia Cure You?

Why upper cervical chiropractic and how can it cure me? Two frequently asked questions from new patients, and ones we can easily answer. Another is why use chiropractic at all? Surely it is just manipulating the spine and straightening it up?  In a way that is correct, but it takes a different dimension when you consider what the spin is.
Many believe the spine to be no more than an arrangement of bones that connects the top end of the body to the bottom. Without a spine, you would not be able to move or function properly.  While that is certainly true, it is not the whole story. Thinks of what else your spine does.

The Spine as an Electrical Conduit

Your body cannot function without electric currents. Your brain is the master distribution board. Rather than tangible wires, your body uses organic material known as nerves to pass signals from your brain to everywhere else in your body.  These nerves come out from your brain stem as a thick bundle known as the spinal cord. Your central nervous system begins with the brain, then the spinal cord and then the individual bunches of nerves that control your entire body.
As we pass down your spinal cord, individual nerves, or groups of nerves, branch out from it to control the various bodily functions: moving your neck muscles, shoulders, arms and farther down, your legs and even your toes.  They control you digestion, heartbeat and the way your liver works.  Everything in fact! These nerves are very sensitive and very important so guess what?  They are protected by your spine!

What are Upper Cervical Vertebrae?

Your spinal cord, or the thick bundle of nerves that make your body work, passes through a number of vertebrae that make up the spine. These vertebrae protect the nerves from damage and there are 33 of them, and seven of these are in your neck, known as the cervical (neck) vertebrae.
The consequences can be very serious if your spinal cord is damaged right at the top – between the first and second vertebrae known as the upper cervical vertebrae. If the top two bones that make up the upper cervical vertebrae become displaced, such as in a fall, whiplash injuries or even at childbirth, they can press against the spinal cord – the thick bundle of nerves. This pressure can cause a large number of health problems and medical conditions all the way down your body.

Why Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

That is why upper cervical chiropractic is so important and can solve many problems. By carefully manipulation and adjustment of the top two vertebrae, it possible to get them properly aligned again. That can get your body back to normal, assuming the displacement has not caused any permanent damage.  It will only work if the nerve damage is not permanent.
That’s why upper cervical chiropractic often work to cure certain medical problems – and why it doesn’t necessarily work in every case. The damage to the spinal cord must be temporary and not permanent. If you have an issue that is troubling you, then contact us and we can discuss it with you. Our Contact Page is Here.  
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