Upper Cervical Chiropractor or a Regular Physician?

Upper cervical chiropractic or a regular physician? Why use a chiropractor?  Why should I not use my regular physician? We hear these questions frequently, and while easy to answer for us, it may not be as easy for others to understand.  For some reason, many people do not understand what chiropractic is. This may have something to do with a misunderstanding of the work a chiropractor does. Let’s look at that.
There are many people who feel they are not getting proper treatment unless they are given this pill, that drug or receive hospital treatment. This is a misconception that could be amusing were it not so serious. Chiropractic is a recognized form of treatment that relieves pressure on your spinal cord. This pressure can be caused by a displaced vertebrae right at the top of your neck. These are known as the upper cervical vertebrae.
Childbirth Can Cause Upper Cervical Subluxation
This is not as rare a condition as many believe it to be. The top part of the neck, where it meets the skull and brain stem, can be particularly prone to damage when stressed. Childbirth can place a great deal of stress on this area as the head is manipulated into the ‘correct’ position.
It is believed that over 70% of newborns suffer some form of upper cervical displacement, also known as subluxation, during childbirth. Often this corrects itself, but if not then pressure can be brought to bear on the spinal cord that is the conduit for all the electrical signals sent from the brain to various parts of the body.
A regular physician cannot cure this, just as a regular upper cervical chiropractor cannot help cure a viral disease or deal with brain damage. It is a specialist skill involving careful manipulation and correction of misalignments (subluxations) of the upper cervical vertebrae. Remember that these are the top two vertebrae in your spinal column. They feed the thick bundle of nerves known as the spinal cord down into the main part of your spine.
Pressure on the Spinal Cord 
The nerves that form the spinal cord branch out during its journey downwards to control all the functions of your body: the heart, lungs and the diaphragm that helps them fill with air, your digestive system and the workings of the kidneys and the liver. In fact everything below the head – including walking and breathing.
Any pressure on this spinal cord can lead to serious disruption of any these functions.  A regular doctor or physician will treat the symptoms of this disruption but not the cause itself – the upper cervical sublaxation causing it. That is work for a chiropractor who specializes in the upper cervical vertebrae.
An Upper Cervical Chiropractor Is a Specialist
You would not go to a butcher if you wanted to purchase fish, or a greengrocer if you wanted to buy clothes.  In the same way, if there is a problem with the alignment of your top two vertebrae, you should consult a chiropractor specializing in upper cervical chiropractic. You do not consult a regular family physician.
Any misalignment nipping or pressing on that thin nerve bundle known as your spinal cord can cause many different conditions. Among them are migraines, epilepsy, high blood pressure, earache, digestive issues and even depression. Upper cervical chiropractic is a perfect example of where the specialist is preferred to the physician.
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