Upper Cervical Treatment As A Solution For High Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a growing concern among adults of all ages today. In fact, as much as one third of American adults suffer from some level of high blood pressure. Not surprisingly, more than 50,000 people each and every year die from high blood pressure and the related complications associated with this stealthy and unhealthy condition. While there are many strategies, techniques and procedures as well as medications that are used to control high blood pressure, there are other noninvasive and non-drug approaches that may be worth considering.

Regulating Blood Pressure Within The Human Body

For example, it is a known fact that the brain stem and the brain itself play a key role in regulating blood pressure within the body. For there to be normal blood pressure it is essential that there be free-flowing communication between the body and the brain. As such, when there is a cervical misalignment within the neck near the brainstem, there is in effect a breakdown of free-flowing communication between the body and the brain resulting in some level of potentially high blood pressure.

No Outwardly Obvious Signs Are Indications

The vertebrae located at the top of the neck is unique and is not secured or anchored to other bones within the spine. In fact, it relies almost exclusively on soft tissue such as ligaments and muscles to remain in proper position. This ultimately makes this part of the human body easily vulnerable to various levels of misalignment. When there is displacement or misalignment there may be no outwardly obvious signs or indications. That is to say that there may be no pain and as such the condition can go unnoticed, untreated and undetected.

Effectively Reposition Bones In The Upper Neck

Upper cervical treatment has been shown to be a viable solution to high blood pressure. Prior cases have shown a clear link between high blood pressure and injuries sustained by the upper neck. That said upper cervical care or corrections are able to effectively reposition bones in the upper neck in order to restore healthy communication between the brain and the body. While each individual is different, ultimately the body will begin to heal itself once this type of correction has been made. In many instances this type of chiropractic correction can actually replace blood pressure medications.

Trials And Treatments

Most importantly, this type of noninvasive and pharmaceutical-free treatment offers “adverse free” results with no side effects and no aggressive surgical procedures. Many prior trials and treatments have clearly shown that a drop in blood pressure can be produced through this innovative type of chiropractic treatment. Upper cervical misalignments can result from a wide range of accidents such as falls, slips, sports injuries and on-the-job injuries. Even emotional stress, concussions, poor posture and birth related trauma could cause the misalignment of upper cervical components within the body. Contact Upper Cervical Chiropractic today for upper cervical corrections in Atlanta and North Georgia.
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