What is Vertebral Subluxation: Spinal Subluxation Causes

What is vertebral subluxation? Also known as spinal subluxation, the term refers to a misalignment of the vertebrae that places pressure on the spinal column and affects your health in many ways. This can take the form of a partial or complete dislocation.
Most of the body’s functions are controlled by the central nervous cord in your spinal column, and if pressure is applied to that through misalignment or for any other reason, it can cause certain bodily functions to misfire. Some chiropractics refer to any pressure on the spinal column as a subluxation.

Spinal Subluxation and its Causes

If the spinal subluxation affects spinal nerve roots, then any areas served by these roots may be affected. A spinal subluxation can take place for any of a number of reasons. Among these are a fracture, osteo- or rheumatoid arthritis, and spondylolisthesis (this often happens in a facture and is a forward displacement of a vertebral bone relative to the spines natural curvature.)
There are many other potential causes of a spinal subluxation, such as a fall or severe impact to the spine. The root ‘luxate’ refers to a dislocation, while the Latin ‘sub’ means partial, nearly or imperfectly. So the dislocation in a spinal subluction is not a complete dislocation, but a movement of part of the spine away from where it should be.
As inferred above, this then creates an imbalance in the pressure placed on the affected region of the spine. If the particular component of the spine that is dislocated, or misaligned (same things) can be moved back to where it should be then the problem should be solved.  That is why chiropractic is preferred by many to painkilling drugs and surgery.

What is Vertebral Subluxation: Dislocation of the Spine

Chiropractors believe that a vertebral subluxation can change the neurological function of the spine which in turn leads to disorders of those parts of the body controlled by the affected part of the spinal column. This is one of the assumptions made by traditional chiropractic: a spinal joint dysfunction or vertebral subluxation interferes with the function of the body.
When discussing upper cervical subluxation, we are referring specifically to the top two segments of the spinal column.  Even slight displacement of the top two segments can lead to chronic pain and other issues. If the dislocation is close to the base of the skull then that can cause a dangerous level of pressure being placed on the brain stem.  This in turn can lead to many different issues involving the central nervous system which affects the entire body.
By manipulating the spine in the upper cervical region, chiropractors can release this pressure which in turn leads to the alleviation of the chronic pain and illnesses it was causing.  Many people have received doctor and hospital treatment without success, then turned to a chiropractor and received almost instant relief.

Some Illnesses Caused by Subluxation 

Subluxation can affect your digestive system. That is because the part of your spinal cord that controls digestion has been damaged or compressed because of the partial dislocation. The way your body cells absorb nutrients from your intestine and then your blood is changed.  Your immune system changes and you may be more prone to disease. Even your coordination may be affected because the signals from your brain are not passing cleanly through the spinal column.
It’s a bit like congestion in a highway – if the highway gets kinked a bit then traffic slows and the transport system doesn’t work as quickly as it should. Transport of goods to their destination is slowed down, and downline of this slow-down every service suffers.

Your Spinal Cord is a Super-Highway

The same is true of your body: interrupt the messages delivered by your spinal cord to the rest of your body and your body will become less effective.  These messages pass down and up from that issue in the top of your spine. Downwards to the rest of your body, and then upwards back to your brain. You cannot think as quickly as you could and you can’t react to danger as you could before the event that caused the subluxation. Your entire body depends upon a properly functioning nervous system
That is what chiropractic offers.  An upper cervical subluxation may cause two or three problems, or even more, in your body. Your doctor will treat each separately – your chiropractor will treat them all at once by curing the subluxation.
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